17. pro 2010.

Crysis 2, novi video

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  1. do yaya! :D

  2. Када нема рецензија, дајте бар најаве шутера.

  3. holodoc: (click) (click)

    Nanosuit: "Maximum strength... Well kind of..."

    holodoc: "(huh!?) What do you mean kind of!?"

    Nanosuit: (sad) "Well boss... My batteries are low... You know... From all that trailers Crytek used me in..."

    holodoc: "Well can the batteries be recharged?"

    Nanosuit: "I am afraid not boss... It took my creators so long to make this game ("Crysis 2") that they forgot to buy an extra charger and the Chinese have ceased producing the charger I need... And the old charger... Well lets just say its started to smell funny after I got a pair of rechargeable non-Chinese batteries..."

    holodoc: (grumbles) "Maximum patience..."

    Nanosuit: "But don't worry boss Crytek gave me something that will compensate for that small oversight..."

    holodoc: "Oh yeah? What?"

    Nanosuit: "Maximum ignorance..."


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